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COVID-19 response

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The City of Toronto has temporarily closed all of its community centres. As a result, we will not be able to hold any of the events we had planned until they re-open. We hope that everyone stays safe during this pandemic and look forward to resuming our activities when it is contained.

13-17 group second place Akhil Chawathe
8-12 group first place Suhaib Shirazi
8-12 group third place Chester Landa

Winners of the West Rouge Sports and Rec. Assoc. Youth Photo Contest 2020

Congratulations to
Age 8 to 12 Winners
Suhaib Shirazi   Tegan Strano   Chester Landa

Ages 13 to 17 Winners
Claire Taylor   Akhil Chawathe   Nathan Periera

Thanks to all who entered!

Higher resolution photos and other entries will be posted shortly.

8-12 group second place Tegan Strano
13-17 group first place Claire Taylor
13-17 grouo third place Nathan Pereira