To encourage a spirit of community through social, sporting, cultural and recreational activities    
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West Rouge Sports & Recreation Association

President’s Message
by Barbara Broadley

The West Rouge Sports and Recreation Association, now in our 58th year, was founded in February 1960. Today’s objectives have not changed much over the years.

Our aim is to organize and promote social, sporting, cultural and recreational programs and activities to encourage a spirit of community within the West Rouge area and to ensure an equal opportunity exists for all residents to participate in all programs and events.

Volunteering is an important part of a neighbourhood that continues to grow and celebrate the families living in it. Please consider volunteering on our board which would contribute to our success. We need your help!! Many of our members have been on our board for over 15 years and would love to spread the enthusiasm to you. West Rouge is a great neighbourhood with talented community members. Please contact any board member for details of our meetings etc.

The following are our annual events held at the West Rouge Community Centre:

Mark your calendar for all the above events which helps to make West Rouge one of the best places to live.

Though many of our events are free, there are some for which we charge. Funds raised go to support Family Day, Winterfest, Scholarships, Earth Day, Children’s Halloween and Easter Party, sponsorships of local hockey, soccer, baseball and lacrosse leagues and many other events.

We would like to thank the many staff at the City of Toronto’s Recreation and Parks Department for all their support in all we do and to the many sponsors that make Family Day an event unmatched elsewhere in Toronto.

Please visit our web page at Watch our sign on Lawrence Avenue at Port Union for information and event news.

Our Board of Volunteers
Current West Rouge Sports and Rec. Board members are: Louise Bonnycastle, Martin Bugden, Laurie Cobbett, Darlene Cross, Gary Dale, Lynda Hansen, Rudy Kirpal, Nabil Rahmoun, Jodi Gear, Carol Klupsch, Kris Klupsch, Freda Sadri and myself, Barbara Broadley

The West Rouge Sports and Recreation Association is proud of our continued contribution to our community.